A Stitts Skycoupe Restoration Project

The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Summary of recent work

Thanks Terry Gardner for the following summary of activities in the Aero Club the past week during my absence. Kent

Here is a brief rundown on the aviation happenings. The Skunkworkers poly brushed the left wing last Monday, good turnout for that (MM, JL, JP, TM). The rudder was recovered by Mike McCann and I last Thursday. It exhibited the same peeling problem as the leading edge of the wings. I tried a new technique and was able to do it with no darts! It looks much better too. Tim came over and we put the new mags on and timed and tested them. Tom Malechuck loaned us his timing synchronizer. They look like they function normally. The coupe is ready to run.Unfortunately, I didn't have any fuel on hand.We had a chili fest/rib stitching session on Sunday 2-8 and it started slow but went well overall. Since we had a large group(AT,MM,BE,JL,MP,AS, TM, KS) we polybrushed the other wing(1 coat).They also polybrushed the rudder I had finished Sunday morning before the group arrived. The new TIG welder arrived on the 7th it is magnificent. I picked up the necessary welding supplies at Airgas when I went over to JP's for another RV12 inspection. He is really moving along! We are ready to start figuring out tabs necessary for wiring runs and so forth on the fuse. I also found an appropriately price gem on craigslist,$150, and with a little work it works perfectly. The thought of making multiple trips to Lowes to shake paint was not sitting well with me. I figured by the time we were done with the 'coupe thru finish paint it would be a minimum 50 trips at about 20 minutes a shot. I also got a line on a 52" Pexto Foot Shear with good blades but needing a bit of work. The shear would be very nice, if it meets the price point, when cutting our new found sheets of stock.I will check it out next week. My A&P came up, on his own volition, a design using RV part and dual cylinders for the Coupe brakes. He said what we had (single heel brake operating 2 wheel cylinders) would be ineffective.Bruce Edwards came over for a stitching session Monday evening and we are 80% done with stitching on the left wing. That is all I can think of for now. I was trying to get another session for this week but life got in the way.
I also went over to Hari's for the shop visit Saturday, good turnout there as well.