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The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

To-Do List

I made the following To-Do list at our airplane clean-up session last week.

  1. Research history of plane - Terry Gardner has done a good job of this, see other postings here. Our plan started life in 1961 as a set of plans, Serial # P-445. The engine was purchased by the first builder in 1961, and was first run (again) on March 15th, 1994, by Mr. Oppegaard from Garner.
  2. Research FAA Records - Noel Fallwell will contact the Greensboro FSDO and request all documents on our airplane.
  3. Schedule Inspection - Jack Phillips will tentatively look at the plane next Tuesday evening, May 31st. We are hopeful that Tom Malechuk can be present, too.
  4. Obtain PolyFiber books - Kent ordered four copies of the POLY-FIBER "HOW TO COVER A/C" book. These will be given to the chapter Tool Bin that Terry has established.
  5. Bill of Sale - Konrad Schoen has created a bill of sale that will be sent to Tom Hall. Kent will assure that we have a formal transfer of ownership to Tom, who will later sell the plane to a new Club that we will form.
  6. Club - I have contacted Brenda Anderson of the EAA's Chapter Office, who confirmed that the EAA currently does not allow chapter ownership of any flying aircraft. They have recommended the purchase of a book written by member/lawyer Bruce Luedeman, "Keeping the Peace in Partnerships - A Guide to Aircraft Co-Ownership." I have also obtained a copy of the Wings of Carolina's Handbook, which includes its Bylaws. The WOC is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, so they must be doing something right. Once we learn the recommendations from Jack and Tom, we'll all meet and decide on the next steps, which will include formation of an Aero Club that will own the aircraft.
  7. Insurance - I have contacted AUA in Greensboro for advice on insurance. AUA is well-known for providing insurance to non-certificated aircraft, warbirds, vintage aircraft, etc. I have had my insurance with them for many years.
  8. Other Skycoupe at JNX - Thanks to Konrad Schoen, we'll be having a look at this other plane today at 3PM when we'll meet at the FBO of the Johnston County Airport to travel to the airstrip where the other plane is located.
  9. Post articles on Skycoupe - I think I have a fairly complete archive of all articles, in PDF form, that the EAA has ever published on the Skycoupe. Terry Gardner has hardcopies.
  10. Project Blog - JP Bernoux was way ahead of us on this, which is what you are now reading!
  11. Plans - Konrad and Joel McLaughlin checked both sets of plans and found that we have all but two, #7-2000 (Instruction List) and #7-7000 (Empennage Details). I have contacted David Doherty, EAA32 president and owner of a Skycoupe (in pieces) in St. Charles, MO, who has kindly offered to scan and send us these two missing pages.
Thanks to everyone's help!


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