A Stitts Skycoupe Restoration Project

The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Work Session 6/23/2012

Good progress was made on a number of fronts this morning:

1. We fabricated a trial new floorboard from 0.025" aluminum sheet.  The final part will be made from 0.032" sheet and include a doubler over part of the surface to provide more stiffness.  We decided also to add four more tabs on the lower frame tubing to secure the floor and distribute loads better.  Trials getting into the plane showed that a single sheet, even with stiffeners made from angle reinforcement would be insufficient.

2. Work on a steel 'rotisserie' was begun. This will be used to secure the wings during painting of silver and final coats, yet allow one person to rotate a wing during painting.

3. Modifications to the airbox, purchased from Van's Aircraft, were begun.   The mounting plate must be adjusted to our carburetor, and the entire plenum must be mounted to counterbalance the angular offsets built into the engine.

4. Sheet metal work on the RV-7 wings was continued.

At our next work session (date and time TBD), we'll continue on all of these projects, and begin fabrication of the seat backs and seat pans.  Once the wing rotisserie is complete, the wings will get their coats of silver paint,

Chuck Borsuk holds the floorboard sheet while J-P Bernoux works the shear.   Yes - that is corrosion on this sheet of 0.025" aluminum!   This part was a trial only used to test some ideas; the final part will be fabricated from new 0.032" sheet.

Chuck, J-P and Michael Crowder cut some metal.  The shear sure makes this easy!

Chuck smooths the corners of angle reinforcements cut in the shear and bent in the brake,

Andy Thompson cuts some small brackets needed for the airbox.

Michael and Chuck make final trip adjustments and debur the floorboard.

J-P, Terry and Mike McCann work on parts for the wing rotisserie.

Michael and Chuck test fit the new trial floorboard.

It fits!   The trial floorboard will be used as a pattern for the final part made of thicker gauge aluminum.  Copper clecos hold a reinforcing angle on the underside in place.

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