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The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Monday, June 13, 2011

Work Session 6/12/2011

The heat was tolerable in the large hangar of the Bear Creek Skunk Works, which partly explains the great progress that was made by all who attended, which included:
  1. Terry Gardner - chief of construction and cat herder.
  2. Kent Misegades - assistant cat herder, chief cook and bottle washer.
  3. Tim Misegades - blasted the main wheel and nose gear, looks better than new now.
  4. Andy Thomson - removed nose gear, disassembled hub & rehoned, smooth as a baby's bottom now. Helped to disassemble very stubborn nose wheel.
  5. Michael Crowder - Sonex owner new to the BCAC, assisted with nose gear, removed boot cowl parts. Michael will help us immensely with his expertise in sheet metal work, electrical systems and instrumentation.
  6. Chris McClure - half of male stripper team, stripped and prepped control surface frames. Chris has kindly donated his sand blaster to our growing tool crib.
  7. Jim Cronin - other half of male stripper team, stripped and prepped control surface frames.
  8. Tom Hall - male stripper apprentice, stripped trip tab, helped disassemble nosewheel.
  9. Chuck Borsuk - New to the BCAC, did repair work on wings. Studied plans for next steps. Chuck, a Pietenpol builder, will be a great addition to our woodworking needs.
  10. Joel McGlaughlin - Worked with Chuck to prep wings & studied plans for next steps. Joel is becoming a wooden wing expert.
  11. Al Sutton - another newcomer to our group, did a great job sanding the many ribs on the wings.
  12. Konrad Schoen - "Mr. Carb", disassembled & cleaned Marvel Slobber carb, suggested options to repair, rebuild or replace. Konrad has great experience with old carbs through his MG Club.
This productive session ended with a cooling rain shower, our first cookout, and a discussion on the goals, financing, and incorporation of the Bear Creek Aero Club. From the comments, it appears that everyone is on the same page with our desire to learn building skills and provide a means to fly at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing safety.

Our next work sessions are planned as follows:

Thursday, 6/16/2011, 4-8 PM, goals: reassemble wheels and mount on fuselage, covering prep, wood repairs.

Saturday, 6/18/2011, 2-6 PM, goals: cover control surfaces, wing repairs, COOKOUT!

In case you missed it, see the Skycoupe for sale on eBay. The images provide some good ideas for our project. I have saved JPEGS of all these images if anyone wants them,

Kent Misegades, scribe, chief "organizer", cook and bottle washer.

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