A Stitts Skycoupe Restoration Project

The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Work Session 6/8/2011

Present at this work session of the Bear Creek Skunk Works (BCSW) were: (see images below)
  1. Terry Gardner
  2. JP Bernoux
  3. Jim Cronin
  4. Niels Nielsen
  5. Kent Misegades
  6. Tim Misegades
  7. Joel McLaughlin
The work today focused on: (see images below)
  1. sanding wing surfaces where repairs are planned
  2. removed and inspected carburetor - it was decided to have the carburetor rebuilt
  3. removed main landing gears from fuselage
  4. disassembled wheels - new tires and tubes are needed, tubes have been purchased, tires need to be purchased, wheels will be repainted, brakes need yet to be disassembled and inspected then rebuilt
Parts/supplies needed: (if you can help, contact Terry Gardner)
  1. Bearings: to replace Timken 13889 bearings and Timken 13830 races
  2. aircraft tires: two 6 X 6 for mains, one 5 x 5 for nose gear
  3. carburetor: knowledge of reputable rebuilders of Marvel-Schebler updraft carbs
Next work session: Sunday, 6/12, 2PM-dusk
  1. main focus: stripping paint from sheet metal parts, BRING HEAVY RUBBER GLOVES AND EYE PROTECTION
  2. cookout: when work is done, we'll discuss a proposed structure and bylaws for the "Bear Creek Aero Club" over brats and cool drinks
  3. RSVP: please tell us if you are coming, RSVP to Kent at kmisegades@bellsouth.net


Look ma! No legs!

Chief Constructor Terry Gardner welded up this nifty custom jig to allow rotation of the fuselage.

Terry tries to figure out the carburetor, or is it a Norden bomb sight?

Our Marvin Slobber carb really slobbers, prompting Terry's decision to have it bench-checked by the pros.

Jim Cronin, new to aviation and to EAA1114, is drinking from the fire hose in helping us restore the 'Coupe. That's the spirit, Jim!

JP Bernoux sands the nose section of the ribs. All will be strengthened by plywood doublers. Niels Nielsen has taken ownership of preparing these lovely wooden wings for flight. Pietenpol builder Jack Phillips provides important technical advice.

The left wing, all ribs sanded and ready for doublers. Terry's upstairs air-conditioned shop is ideal for this delicate work.

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