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The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Work Session 9/28/2011 - Prop Turns / Wing's On!

Two major milestones in our efforts were reached yesterday evening when we finished the Skycoupe's RH wing and the prop was spun for the first time. On the wing, brackets for the strut and fuselage attachment were mounted, inter-rib lacing was affixed and a balsa reinforcement was bonded into the wingtip for navigation lights, should we decide to add these at a later date. The wing crew consisted of Joel McLaughlin, Jim Cronin and Kent Misegades. Thanks to Konrad Schoen, a freshly rebuilt starter was mounted on the engine and exercised. It easily spun the unpowered engine and will certainly be able to bring it to life when a few more components are prepared for the first runs.

EAA 1114 chapter TC, Jack Phillips, spent most of the evening with us and commented on the good appearance of the wing. His expertise on the choice of bolts and washers for the brackets as well as help sorting out some engine electrical issues was an important contribution to our general knowledge of aircraft construction.

Our next session will be this Saturday, when we'll begin covering the wings - you won't want to miss this important opportunity to learn, and take part in the metamorphosis of a bare structure into a flying machine.

Look for the Bear Creek Aero Club article in the October issues of EAA Sport Aviation, pp. 92-93.

Joel McLaughlin and Jim Cronin accurately torque the four pairs of RH wing brackets used to mount the wing to the fuselage and the lift struts.

The lovely olive drab of the primed lift strut brackets and compression tube contrast nicely with the amber hue of the varnished wood structure. An uncovered wooden wing is like a fine piece of furniture; it will almost be a pity to hide its beauty behind PolyFiber.

Joel McLaughlin shaped these reinforcements which were epoxied onto the inside of the wing tips. Like the conduits spanning the wings, these have been added in case we choose to add lights at a later time.

She's done! The RH wing ready for a trial attachment to the fuselage.....

... and she fit like a glove. Joel, Konrad, Jim and Terry savor the achievement.

A nice rear quartering view - she's starting to look like an airplane!

Konrad, Jack and Terry prepare the engine for its first unpowered runs.

Due to a weak battery and questionable solenoid, Konrad did some unique "wiring" to provide the needed 12 VDC for the rebuilt starter, which ran like a top as can be seen below.

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