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The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st, 2011 Session: Wings Covering has started!

Our longest session ever, starting at 10 AM and ending after 9PM, bore fruit - the right wing is now covered. Thanks to all who stopped by, to be honest, we could have used a few more hands. Those who could not come yesterday will have an opportunity to cover the left wing in two weeks. We're taking off next weekend due to Terry's planned travel.

A special guest yesterday was the Skycoupe's previous owner, retired USAF / Airline pilot Larry Oppegaard, who lives in Greensboro. Larry shared his detailed knowledge of the airplane and the well-founded reasoning behind the numerous improvements he made over the original design. Larry was already an experienced homebuilder before working in the Skycoupe, and he is now considering a return to aviation with the construction of a Sonerai II, one of John Monnet's (of Sonex/Waeix fame) earlier designs. Larry sent the following comments:

Thanks to everyone for inviting me to hang out and watch the work on your Skycoupe. I felt very welcome, and really enjoyed the visit today.

I know the ‘Coupe is in good and capable hands, and I am sure you guys can complete it and fly it. The workmanship and care I saw displayed is of a high caliber, and will certainly give confidence when the time comes for its first flights.

You guys were an inspiration to me to get back into airplanes as a hobby. Again, Thanks for the hospitality and fellowship.

Best Regards,

Larry Oppegaard

BUSINESS MEETING - We plan to meet Monday, October 3rd at 7PM in the Bull Shack at Cox Field to discuss formal incorporation of the BCAC and financial matters. All who are interested in flying the Club's aircraft are urged to attend.

Our Skycoupe's former owner, retired USAF / airline pilot Larry Oppegaard of Greensboro. Larry was presented with an official Bear Creek Skunk Works T-Shirt in appreciation for his past workmanship and generous advice. He also pitched in on October 1st and stayed until dark. Larry's advice is already filling in some of the gaps in our knowledge of the airplane.

JP Bernoux and Konrad Schoen affix the fabric to the leading edge sheeting.

Mike McCann, Terry Gardner, Kent Misegades and JP Bernoux provided all eight hands needed while affixing the cloth to the wing's leading edge. We can not imagine covering an airplane with only two hands!

Konrad adds some finishing touches to the fabric.

Kent and Mike hold the cloth while Terry trims it with a straight razor around the wingtip.

Below: Margaret admires the result of 11+ hours of work - the finished, covered wing. The next step is to coat all surfaces with PolyBrush and then hang the wing in the rafters until we're ready for the silver coats.

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