A Stitts Skycoupe Restoration Project

The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Friday, January 27, 2012

Regular Saturday Sessions Return!

Despite seeming like activity has stopped, things are happening!

-The exhaust headers have been removed and are to be sent to Vetterman Exhaust for duplication.

- Kent has been working on seat cushion material and designs.

-The Coupe has tank has been drained and will be ready for leak testing tomorrow.

-As of today we have an Ameriking AK 450 transponder to use to mock up the Skycoupe tomorrow.

-Since we have our battery, we can now begin to figure out where is the best spot for it and begin bracket construction.

-As of the last meeting, avionics have been selected and we will have more discussion tomorrow. I think this will give Chris a good starting point for panel design.

-Lastly since money is the driving issue on the plane a decision was made to get the wings to quick build status to enhance their saleability. One is done and we will be starting to rivet top skins on the second tomorrow. We still need to fabricate a fuel tank so that will be an interesting experience for many of you who have not had the experience of working with proseal. It has been encouraging to see the number of folks that showed up to drill, dimple, and remove the hated 6 year old plastic.

I don't expect a lengthy session tomorrow but we will be breaking tasks down. Think of what needs to be done and what you you have the knowledge, skills, abilities and most importantly desire to do.

See you tomorrow,

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