A Stitts Skycoupe Restoration Project

The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Work Session 1/28/2012

Great January weather and a good turnout from BCAC members resulted in good progress on several fronts:
  • continued work on the RV-7 wings
  • filled fuel tank with water to check for leaks (so far, so good!)
  • took photos of various members seated in cockpit, for planning purposes
  • created list of nearly 30 task groups that will be assigned to members, for instance, seating, engine, cowling, windshield, etc.

The images below show members at work on 1/28/2012.

The new owner of our BD-4 project, Gerry Huser, made the long trip back to Memphis and sent the following message:

Kent, got the BD4 project home safely, and stored in my garage, did not have time to go thru anything.....got home wed aftn, and had many things to do, before my current trip. In alaska now, on  to asia tomorrow, then Europe, and back to mem,   round the world westbound, only 5  legs , the 777 able to do it in three, if scheduled that way.....anyway, thanks to Terry, & Mike for the help loading all my stuff, it was much appreciated......nice chatting with all of you......take care, regards,  gerry huser.

The work group poses in front of the Skycoupe's fuselage, adorned by a bright yellow banner from Wicks Aircraft Supply, our newest sponsor. L-R are J-P, Jim, Terry, Kent, Joel, Andy, Terry, Kelly & Todd. (Tim took picture.)

Kelly poses for a picture that will be used to help Kent design the airplane's seating.

The panel now being designed by Terry, Joel, Chris and Michael will be minimalistic, but not quite as simple as this mockup!

Jim slowly fills the fuel tank with water to check for leaks.

Tood & Kelly brought along their dog, 'Pancho Barnes', the perfect name for the irreverent and fun-loving members of the Bear Creek Aero Club.

Todd and Kelly squeeze rivets on the RV-7 wing.

Jim finishes filling the fuel tank under the watchful eye of EAA Technical Counselor & BCAC member Jack Phillips.

Terry and Jim discuss plans for completing our RV-7 wings and Terry's RV-9.

BCAC RV expert Joel McLaughlin in his element and sporting a new RV jumpsuit.

Terry introduces Tim to the dreaded deburring tool.

Joel prepares to Cleco a subpanel on the RV-7's wing.

Below: Tim squeezes rivets on RV-7 wing.

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