A Stitts Skycoupe Restoration Project

The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Work Session 10/10/2012

Attending this session were Terry, J-P, Mike, Andy, Konrad, Jim and Kent. 

Steady progress was made on the following:
  1. RV-7 wing tank sealed, pressurized and leak testing begun.    Terry and J-P.
  2. Airbox upper plate/filter assembly. Andy and Mike.
  3. Dents in cowling worked on.  Konrad, Jim and J-P.
  4. Large mounting hinge added to back of right seat. Terry and Kent.
The next work session is planned for 10/11/2012, 4-8 PM.

Mike works on nut plates needed for the air box top cover

J-P and Jim prepare the RV-7 tank for leak testing.

RV-7 tank ready for testing - a temporary cover plate with air connection has been added.

MG car expert Konrad explains the art of sheet metal repair, using a set of body dollies he brought along.

Konrad goes to work on one nasty dent while Jim secures the cowl section

Andy and Mike attempt to understand the complicated instructions that came with the airbox

Konrad and Jim inspected the night's work.

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