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The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Friday, August 5, 2011

Work Session 8/5/2011

Thanks to Terry, Tim, Andy, Nathan and Jim who helped with continued work on the Skycoupe's wing yesterday. We installed the compression tubes that Terry had fabricated, and touched up the varnish on the wings. We also worked out a plan to install the two root wing ribs, which we will fabricate new at our our next meeting due to warping and delamination of the two ribs that came with the project (they had not been varnished by the previous builder, unlike the wing).

We hope to have our carburetor back next week. When Marvel-Schebler gives us a time/date for the pickup, we'll announce this in case anyone wants to go back to Gibsonville and visit the plant. I will ask them for a demo of their flow testing equipment on the carb.

In Oshkosh, the most heavily visited booths and forums were those that dealt with iPAD applications. Here is a good article on the subject, read especially the comments regarding screen polarization.


Andy touches up the varnish.

Tom touches up the varnish.

Jim and Andy make a trial fit of the inboard rib. New ribs will be fabricated as the old ones are too warped to use.

Compression tube, expertly fabricated and primed by Terry, as installed in the wing.

Terry and Jim install the compression tubes.

It's here! 200 lbs worth of PolyFiber covering material as it arrived from Riverside, CA last week. Once the weather cools a bit, we'll start covering!

Other news:

1. Konrad will pick up the rebuilt carburetor at the Marvel-Schebler facility in Gibsonville tomorrow at 3PM. If you did not have a chance to visit them last month, why not join Konrad there? 125 Piedmont Ave, Gibsonville, NC 27249

2. Once we have the carb, we can prepare to run the engine again. There is a good bit of work to do in preparation, including new fuel/oil lines, controls, tank, starter, etc.

3. Wing - still remaining is the fabrication of new wing root ribs, attaching these to the spars, then reassembling the numerous brackets for the wing root and strut attachments.

4. Ailerons - all the material has been purchased by Terry, including VERY expensive chromoly steel, which Terry calls our "Golden" components. With the wing nearing completion, it is time to get started on the ailerons and wing struts, which need to be done before covering.

5. Alternator - While in Oshkosh, Tim and I visited the Homebuilder Center and spoke with Fred Keip, one of the TC's there. Fred is building a Wag-A-Bond with the same engine as ours, a Lycoming O-290-G/D. He recommended we use a rebuilt alternator from a 1974 Honda Civic CVCC. Not only are these light, inexpensive ($68), and available through most car parts stores, but they generate 35 Amps of power and do not have an internal voltage regulator, a problem with most automotive alternators. He also recommended a Transpo V1200 solid state voltage regulator available for around $90. I have also asked Fred for advice on a lightweight starter - the one B&C sells for our engine goes for $550.

I will be up in the mountains this week while my wife attends an art workshop near Boone, so I will not be able to join others to work on the plane. Please note that next Saturday is our August chapter meeting. Jack and Karen Phillips are co-hosts of a fly-in at the Smith Mountain Airpark in Virginia starting around 11AM the same day. I hope you can attend both events.



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