A Stitts Skycoupe Restoration Project

The Stitts Skycoupe is also known as Stitts SA7 D

Monday, August 6, 2012

Work Session 8/5/12

Great News!  Konrad is back from his extended medical leave and is looking great!

Terry, Joel, Bruce, Konrad and Kent stopped by the Skunk Works to sand the left wing prior to its next two coats of Poly Spray, aka Silver Coat.

Thanks to the expert prep work by Chuck, sanding of this wing was much easier than on the right wing.   

Terry will now add two more coats of Poly Spray, then we'll meet up again on Tuesday, 8/7/12 after 5PM to sand again before the final two coats.

The tank sealant will have cured out by Tuesday, allowing riveting on the RV-7 wing.

Below:  Terry, Joel and Bruce sand the underside of the left wing.

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